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Our Story

Innovation inspired from the personal experience losing a loved one

The idea behind miiCARE was engineered by our founder, Kelvin Summoogum. He decided to work on the concept motivated by the tragic loss of his grandmother, following a fall at home.



Kelvin’s grandmother lived alone at home and like most elderly people, she resented the idea of moving to a care home. Instead, she wanted to spend the rest of her life in her house – her place of heritage which she and her husband worked all their life for.



Sadly, one evening she fell, broke her hip and stayed on the cold floor in pain and agony for many hours before she received some help. She succumbed to her injuries 3 years later. Caring for her during those 3 years was really tough.



After his Grandmother passed away, Kelvin made a personal commitment to find a solution to mitigate the risk of falls and protect those living alone at home.



He spent over a year working closely with a group of elderly from lunch clubs and churches to understand the pain points and then worked backward towards a solution – miiCUBE, the AI-based assistive technology.



While there are devices that attempt to address the same elderly healthcare crisis, Kelvin spent a lot of time researching the market to understand why current solutions were not gaining sufficient traction.



This is where he realised that he needed to develop something which is ‘person-centred’, is simple to use and one which adapts to the elderly and not the other way round. Something which interacts with the elderly as a companion. This approach underpins all the innovations taking place at miiCARE.

Meet the Team Behind miiCARE

A very diverse and unique team complement determined to solve the elderly healthcare crisis

Core Member and IoT specialist in elderly care

Kelvin Summoogum


Core Member and embedded systems specialist

John Wall

Chief Innovation Officer

Core member and cyber security specialist

Ophir Levy

Chief Technology Officer

Core Member and GP with strong medtech background

Dr. Shan Mantri MD

Chief Clinical Officer (MD)

Core member with 18 yrs at Microsoft

Andy Smith

Chief Partnership Officer

Core member and Data Scientist

Debayan Das

Clinical Data Analyst

Non-exec academic adviser

Dr. Huy Phan

AI and ML advisor

Non-exec advisor and machine learning expert

Prof Ian McLoughlin

AI and ML advisor

Non-exec advisor and insurance specialist

Terry Whittaker

Strategy & partnerships

Purchasing and retail specialist

Dan Parsons

Retail advisor

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